1. To provide for settlement of disputes and all questions relating to such practices and usages.

  2. To provide the practices of the trade and to foster developments of healthy usages in or not, willing to abide by such decision.

  3. To set up courts of reconciliation and of arbitration between parties whether members or not, willing to abide by such decision.

  4. To collect and classify information relating to cashew business and circulate them among the members.

  5. To obtain redress for matter which are detrimental to supply manufacturer and sale of cashewnuts, cashew kernels cashew shell liquid etc.

  6. To promote or oppose as may be found necessary Legisalative measures in India or beyond affecting cashew Industry with reference to employment of labour, to evolve uniformity of policy in meetings questions of common interest, to wait on Government for redress of taxation laws, revision of costs etc, affecting the trade.

  7. To initiate and submit representation through deputations or otherwise to courts, departments, legislatures or Government local or foreign in relation to general measures affecting cashew business and to procure changes of rule, law or practice relating to supply, manufactures, conveyance, sale. tolls, tariff, duty. shipping and foreign markets and relating to cashewnuts, cashew kernels and cashew shell liquid.

  8. To arrange for propaganda work in or outside India for the general welfare of Cashew business, to sent out agents for exploring foreign markets sources of supply for cashew seeds and foreign markets for the Cashew kernels and to improve market conditions for the same.

  9. To communicate with individuals, authorities, firm or association on matters relating to cashew business.

  10. To acquire by donation, purchase, take on lease or otherwise lands, buildings or other properties movable and immovable which the Association for the purpose of may from time to time think proper to acquire.

  11. To construct upon any premises acquired for the purpose of the Association any building or buildings for the purpose of the Association, to hold lawfully, improve, develop, exchange, lease or let under lease or sub-let, surrender, lease, sell, mortgage, dispose of, turn to account or otherwise deal with all or any part of property of the Association.

  12. To construct upon any premises acquired for the purpose of the Association to alter, add to and reverse any building or its parts upon such premises,

  13. To borrow or raise any money required for the purpose of the Association upon such terms and in such manner as may be determined from time to time by the Association.

  14. To invest the money of the Association not immediately required upon such securities or otherwise in such manner as may from time to time be determined.

  15. To protect and promote the character, status and interest of the cashew merchants generally and particularly of the members of the Association.

  16. To find out by research or investigation or by making arrangements for the same, marketable products other than cashewnuts, other lines of industries or improved methods of production, collection, manufacture or sale of cashewnuts or other products and to give instruction to the members regarding the same.

  17. To appraise awareness for AIDS through Medical camp, Meeting etc.,

  18. To aware people in Blood donation and Eye donation.

  19. To sustain people in Awareness of Air pollution, Water pollution and Land Pollution.

  20. To enlighten people in awareness smokes, Alcohol drinks and drugs.

  21. To aware youngsters for destruction of dowry.

  22. To create awareness about Rain Harvesting.